Write a function called is_positive_or_multiple_of_7 that takes a positive integer n as its parameter. Write a while loop in this function that ends if the number n is a multiple of 7. Otherwise we repeatedly subtract n by 3, as long as the number n is positive. Your function returns the final value of n.

For example, if the parameter is given as n=100, then

  • your while loop will start because n is positive.

  • As 100 is not a multiple of 7, n becomes 100-3=97 and the next iteration runs.

  • Again, since 97 is not a multiple of 7, it will be reduced to 94.

  • In the next iteration, 94 is not a multiple of 7 yet, so n becomes 94-3=91, and your program goes to the next iteration.

  • Finally, 91=7*13 is a multiple of 7, which makes the break statement to end the loop, and your function returns 91.

Sample Input 1:


Sample Output 1:


Sample Input 2:


Sample Output 2:


Sample Input 3:


Sample Output 3: