Burgeoning lexicographers

Burgeoning lexicographers#

### Which of the following is the correct way to create a dictionary that contains capitals associated with their country. The key is the country and the value is the associated capital. There are 3 countries and capital pairs we want to store. Canada's capital is Ottawa<br> Mexico's capital is Mexico City<br> The United States' capital is Washington, D.C. 1. [ ] ``{'Canada': 'Ottawa' 'United States': 'Washington, D.C.' 'Mexico': 'Mexico City'}`` 2. [x] ``{'Canada': 'Ottawa', 'United States': 'Washington, D.C.', 'Mexico': 'Mexico City'}`` 3. [ ] ``['Canada': 'Ottawa', 'United States': 'Washington, D.C.', 'Mexico': 'Mexico City']`` 4. [ ] ``{'Ottawa': 'Canada', 'Washington, D.C.': 'United States', 'Mexico City': 'Mexico'}`` 5. [ ] ``{('Canada': 'Ottawa'), ('United States': 'Washington, D.C.'), ('Mexico': 'Mexico City')}``