Nested modules

Nested modules#

You can define modules inside of other modules. A directory algorithms holding files and will generate a module algorithms with sub-modules algorithms.sort and

To make sure that Python treats such directories correctly, you should create a file in the directory. The file can be empty; ours prints out “Loading algorithms!”. Notice how many times it prints—when you add an import, does it print again, or no?

In the example below, we’ve started out building the directory algorithms and the module, along with a that imports from both the and algorithms.sort modules. Create the file with the definition mergesort; change to import that definition.

Paste the following code into algorithms/

print("Loading algorithms!")

Paste the following code into algorithms/

def linear_search(v, l):
    i = 0
    for x in l:
        if x == v:
            return i
        i = i + 1
    raise ValueError(f'{v} not found')

def binary_search(v, l):
    lo = 0
    hi = len(l) - 1
    while lo <= hi:
        mid = lo + ((hi - lo) // 2) # what goes wrong if we use / ?
#        print(f'looking at {mid} between {lo} and {hi}')
        x = l[mid]
        if   v == x: return mid
        elif v <  x: hi = mid - 1
        elif v >  x: lo = mid + 1
    raise ValueError(f'{v} not found')

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